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Jan 22, 2008


Ken Huffman


I was Asst. Inspector Genl. at OPM for eight years. I'm telling you that the OPM didn't have and didn't care to have even the most basic internal controls over administration of it's 30 billion plus retirement and insurance programs. By example, a multi year/ multi million dollar embezzelment by nine OPM employees came to light in 2002. It was discovered only because one (1) of niine successfully thieving employees had a stroke of conscience and snitched to a supervisor. The program office had no idea and the IG and his Office of Investigation was clueless.

This is one reason a study wasn't necessary to discern that objective internal oversight was practically non-existant in OPM. Know what another reason was? The IG, who is mandated to conduct substantive internal program oversight, refused to allow his staff to do so. Where do we go from there?

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