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Oct 22, 2007




Am most appreciative for your latest missive. And I hope things are well for you in Upper Slobovia.

With my most sincere gratitude and admiration,

Your faithful servant, I am



Dear Mr. Weins, 10/22/2007
Dear Readers,

Please accept my appreciation and gratitude for your/(another) superb and excellent article from POGO. I was not going to write further comments as POGO has not completely posted two of my prior comments, although I do remain completely appreciative for POGO's continued support within their many tremendous efforts and hopefully for futher successful accomplishments.

Please note that my further impromptu response to you article is as follows; ' The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing'. Please note that from (several?) another web site that it is reported that former US Attorney General Ramsey has written a 20 count indictment for review and consideration for impeachment of our entire US Executive Branch, Bush, Cheney, Gonzales and Rice. ( I am able to add several more major counts.) Please note that in my view WHISTLEBLOWING is at its highest with this requested indictment. Also, please note that in no way do I exhonerate our US Legislatures for their many years and/or decades of faliure, although in my view they are our last hope so time does not pass us by within our great Democracy (every day is an important day and good men/legislatures should not waste this valuable time as semmingly and/or reseaonably inaction and/or most llikey and/or unfortunately is and/or mabey appearing more of a conspiracy and/or act as that of good men doing nothing).

Please accept my continued support for your and POGO's, NWC's and GAP's superb and excellent continued painstaking efforts on behalf of all.

Also, please let us know as to the statis of S. 274 Whistleblower Protection Act that appears to have once again been subverted and/or stalled in our US Senate.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.


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