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Sep 18, 2007


Joe Carson

It is likely that none of the involved Boeing or FAA engineers are licensed. That means they have less protection if they "blow whistles" and less likelihood of experiencing negative professional consequences if they fail to "blow whistles," or engage in reprisal aganist engineers who do.

The engineers who design the runways at Dulles and the terminal at Dulles (as elsewhere) are licensed. But the engineers who design the planes that land on them are not.

Why? Because Boeing, as other industrial employers of engineers do not want their engineers to be legally required, as a conditions of their being licensed, to "blow whistles," nor have the "public policy exemption" to "at-will" employment doctrine as an available defense to them if they suffer reprisal. So they sucessfully put the "industrial exemption" into State Engineering law, meaning their engineers can practice engineering under an exemption to the regulation of the State.

It is like HMO's getting an exemption put into the law so their doctors, while graduates of medical school, not needing to be licensed MD's.

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