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Sep 24, 2007


Connie the Contractor

The excuse that these contracting officers didn’t have adequate “training and experience” necessary to do their jobs is really outrageous. This is the tired old line that is being used by so-called “acquisition reformers” to excuse or explain away screw-ups. Pardon me, since when does one have to be trained and/or have “adequate experience” to learn not to solicit bribes, commit fraud and/or engage in other obvious criminal behavior? The “lack of training and experience” excuse doesn’t wash any longer. The root cause of these problems is a lax contracting system that practically invites fraud. The architect of the current acquisition reform mess, Harvard professor and oft-times contractor lobbyist Steven Kelman even had the nerve to pen an op-ed piece for the Washington Post entitled “No Cronyism in Iraq”:


Whatever you say, Steve.



Looks like Operation Ill Wind II or better yet Iraqi Wind is in action. Plenty of press about arresting small fish and smal dollars. Every bandito is a rogue employee but never a rogue company/coporartion. Lots of audit reports on wasted dollars but no fines or refunds for the contractors. Same old scam with changes to the FAR to stop the fraud but it's the same broken record/CD/DVD.

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