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Aug 13, 2007


G.Florence Scott

Keep up the good work POGO!

G. Florence Scott

Joe Katzman

The major-minor equivalence complaint is a user interface issue that says the context should be better (note: including all submissions is a COMPLETENESS issue, not a context issue)... and on those grounds, a valid complaint.

How you choose to assign incidents to categories, and make the ratings obvious, is worth some serious thought. That thinking also needs to consider how you might aggregate them for display. You could go with a simple green-yellow-red system, for instance, with a click on the contractor calling up a name and a series of 3 dots (RYG) with numbers beside them for the number of each entry. Or, you could take a leaf from Amazon and eBay, and go with 5-star ratings. This gives a bit more granularity

If you decide you need 5 levels, though, beware the temptation to include total number of stars without noting how many of each type. 10 1-star incidents are not equal to 2 5-star incidents when it comes to malfeasance - assuming a pair of equivalent Tier 3 contractors, for instance, the first (10 x 1-star) is a firm that has experienced a raft of minor slippages. The second (2 x 5-star) is someone you may not want to ever do business with.

UI matters. There's a lot of subcontracting in this industry, and for your database to do the most good it has to be a useful tool to the industry itself, as well as to others.


If personal credit card bureaus feel that keeping credit information of minor infractions for seven years is good business, I think keeping records of court case proven misconduct for 12 years of these businesses is quiet adequate and definitely pertinent.

We're talking about vast difference in the costs and losses to the taxpayers for many of these corporate contractors. Why isn't there a bureau that is as nick pickey as say TRW? There are just the ones that have been caught, gone to trial or settled.

I think it's more than fair. Frankly, I'm offended to hear to platitudes to the contrary! Geez, what are they possibly hiding right?

Some of these companies have cost us billions and I never would have heard about it.

Thank you for the database and I hope you continue to expand it, sure there's more where this came from, and perhaps you guys should be the next bureau of misconduct.

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