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Aug 22, 2007



We need to completely change how the government handles outsourcing - the situation has turned into a free for all.


What if a contractor approaches the government with a unique idea, and the government hires another contractor (a competitor) to negotiate the contract on behalf of the goverment (unsupervised), then the contractor who represented the government was allowed to modify one of their own existing contracts (no competition) and blocked the company from getting sponsorshiip of the idea that they were hired to negotiate the contract for?

The government didn't appraoch the contractor for the initial idea, but they approached the contractor they hired, and assisted them in modifying a contract so they could benefit from the idea the original contractor brought to the government.


There is no such thing as a no-bid contract. The government does not hand out money without paperwork. There ARE numerous situations where there is no COMPETITION. It's perfectly fine to shine a spotlight where it belongs but use the correct terminology so that you are more credible. (Yes, the Washington Post is guilty of this same abuse of terminology.)

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