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Aug 02, 2007


A military family

Shut up Jonathon, it's people like you responsible for supporting this mess.

KSBR Redux

You're expectation shows too much logic and common sense.

The MRAP business is probably going under-wraps,because, as usual, the acquisitions from the multiple companies are being bungled by DoD and the Army, leaving the troops unprotected again. Yep, they really support our troops.

In WWII, industry was tuned up so much that it could build a Liberty ship in a week, or multiple B-17s in a day. Plants were quickly expanded and ran three shifts. Even government procurement offices worked around the clock when necessary.

We've seen none of this kind of hustle from government or industry in the present war. It's business as usual. The usual stakeholders have no complaints about it. The citizen taxpayers, troops, and military families haven't been asked.

Jonathan Baum

Excellent! There's a lot of stuff here that you don't need to know and the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan definitely shouldn't know!

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