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Jul 18, 2007


Your doing the government's work and it didn't even outsource it, ... yet. And don't mind Jumbotron, many civil and FCA settlements and administrative agreements are without any admission of liability or fault -- isn't that their purpose. It's like they say in the big house, "everyone's innocent." What else does he want, a listing of everyone's not guilty plea. Keep up the good work!


You've cited more than one company for a false claims act matter that was settled. Ninety-nine out of a 100 FCA civil settlements say that as part of the settlement there was no admission of wrongdoing. The government doesn't label it as wrongdoing (or the payment as a fine or judgement), even though it has obviously extracted a settlement. Why? Because the allegations were never proved.

You should review all the FCA settlements you cite in the purportedly factual database you have given to the world, and note that there was no admission of wrongdoing if that is the case.

Don't you think that a contractor deserves this level of honest analysis and fairness from the maximum poobahs at POGO (has a nice ring to it, eh)? You--and rightfully skeptical taxpayers, litigators, and law enforcement--are entitled to your own understandable suspicions about possible reasons for a settlement. But, as they say, you are not entitled to your own facts.


Heck, perhaps competitors can use this when competing for new contracts. It's beyond me how a company like Exxon can continue to be awarded government business when they've been fined over 4 billion dollars for misconduct. I'm glad to see this collected like this, great job.


Excellent! This will be useful. Perhaps contract award committees should refer to it early in the screening process before considering awarding lucrative government contracts to companies.

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