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Jul 17, 2007



There is no debate here. If the Marines did not ask for an MRAP they most certainly should have. Further, they and the other branches of the military exposed to roadside bombs should have been equipped with MRAP's from the beginning. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome; Yet we send our soldiers out on patrol in HUMVEE's, they get blown up, and we keep doing the same thing over and over as if something is going to change. INSANE! We are arguably the richest, most technologically advanced country on the planet yet we treat our people as if they are disposable. Either equip the troops them with a vehicle that will insure their survivability in an attack or bring them home. If oversight is the debate, how about oversight of what level of representation each American citizen has for tax dollars collected. I doubt you could find one person who served or who had a son or daughter who has or is serving who would want their tax dollars spent on something other than the best protection technology can produce. Note, I did not say the best money can buy, or the lowest bidder can produce, I said the best technology can provide. Damn the cost! Not one penny should be spent on rebuilding Iraq or on foreign aid until our troops have what they need.

David K. McDonnell

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