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Jul 30, 2007



Point 1, this is a very sensitive facility. should we really be securing it with minimal staff? should we even allow it to be a possibility that we only have enough people there to check ID at the gates. shouldn't we have enough security staff on hand at any time to work the gate in addition to chase people who appear to be crazy around the woods who just crashed into our security barriers?

Point 2, having to do with this incident being "Next to nothing" Haven't these people who claim to be experts in the area of security heard of the "Enemy" testing our security? In situations like this a broken down white panel van should never be viewed as a broken down white panel van. It could be a test. It could be a very serious test, one designed to see how our security reacts to such things.

Point 3, there simply should be no way to escape on foot after crashing into a security barrier at this facility. its obviously not sufficient. what if this had been an organized assault with multiple vehicles loaded with explosives? the first vehicle crashes into the barrier, the driver runs away, moments later the first vehicle explodes and clears the barrier. then the next vehicle comes, and the next one. I feel confident in saying that our current enemies have proven that they don't care if they die so long as they take a few of us with them. so in reality the first vehicle's driver pushes the big red button while he is still in the drivers seat.

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