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Jun 12, 2007



This report sums it all up quite nicely, but I still think it's not too bad of an idea! It would be like spiking the enemy's water supply with ecstasy or something, only...they'd have to figure out how to convert one's sexual preferenece. haha.


--Matthew from the Politics desk at TheNewsRoom.com

No wonder our defense contractors over-bill for junk like the F-22, V-22, etc. etc. etc. They deserve every penny they steal if they have to deal with idiots who are devising Gay Bombs. America we are in trouble!


Tushe, Mandy!

I think what you have here is a case of the threat being as good as using the actual bomb. If you believe that "evil doers" in Iraq and Iran are the biggest enemy facing the U.S., claiming to turn them gay might be the best weapon we have. The Far Right and the Muslim extremist have many things in common, and homophobia is right at the top of the list. I say we keep this program going and use the threat of its use to start peace in the Middle East.


KSBR Imitator,

The fart generator is a deceptively attractive tool. If you look back at the BBC article, they mention the fact that researchers rejected it because "people in many areas of the world do not find faecal odour offensive, since they smell it on a regular basis".

KSBR imitator


With the exclusion of the "gay bomb"--which is far-fetched and silly--the other techniques might well be worth considering.

If you consider how much has been spent to kill enemy combatants on average (don't include the few hundreds of thousands of civilians), the fart generator could be a real buy--very cost-effective per kill.

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