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Jun 14, 2007



I think he used the term, "stupid," Ms. Anonymous, because it is "stupid," stupid.

Henry J. Cobb

Asymmetric warfare is all that the US Military will face in the next three decades or more.

The Chinese are not about to launch a dozen aircraft carrier battle groups and go try to take Midway. Instead their forces, such as submarines, are only intended to tie up the forces America has on station for a limited time while they achieve their limited objectives, or least plausibly threaten to do so.

The rest of the military force on the globe combined cannot go toe to toe against the United States and hope to win in a purely military confrontation. Each country, or sub-national actor, will use the forces at their command to get the best deal possible for themselves, under the American run New World Order. Running America out of Iraq is not the same as establishing an alternative World Bank.

So the proper planing for the Pentagon budget should be to minimize the cost of keeping the rest of the world in line under the American rule set. They must be prepared to deter or defeat any plausible combination, for the least investment up front and cleanup cost afterwards.


Why do you have to use the term "stupid." It is mean and degrading and really serves no purpose. Even if you took the word from a direct quote.

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