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Jun 16, 2007


Mrs Panstreppon

More on Rick Kell, the guy who came up with the Operation Coaches and Warriors concept. I say concept because the program doesn't exist.

SUITE 109;535 MAIN ST.
LAUREL, MD 20707

TELEPHONE: (301) 953-8700
FAX: (301)953-7659

LEGAL STATUS: Private Company, Headquarters Location
EMPLOYEES: 3 (Call Report)

Richard Kell, President Chief Executive Officer
M. Steven Kell, Vice President, Finance Chief Financial Officer

Services: Advertising agency.

Operation Coaches and Warriors is supposed to send college memorabilia and free tickets to sporting events to injured Iraq vets when it becomes operative.

Griles wants to spend 500 hours of his time working for a lobbyist and an advertising agency and call it community service. This is so offensive to me that I think the judge should triple his jail time.

Mrs Panstreppon

Operation Coaches and Warriors is a "new" program and an "outgrowth" of Operations Hardwood.

Marketing guru, Rick Kell, came up with the idea for Operations Hardwood which sends college basketball coaches to Kuwait for a week at a time to meet with military ball players. The program is supported by the USO and the Armed Forces Entertainment Divsion.

How can we find out if Operation Coaches and Warrior has funding and from whom? Is the program an excuse for Griles to perform community service?

Something smells fishy here. Griles's attorney would have said that Operation Coaches and Warriors was sponsored by the USO and the Armed Forces if it indeed it was.


This statement is unbelievable:
Several writers noted Griles sacrificed higher pay in the private sector to return to Interior in 2001 as Norton's deputy

Griles received, if I recall the news reports correctly, $250,000 a year from his former clients each year he served as Deputy Secretary.....


Can you believe the chutzpah of these people? In effect, Griles thinks an appropriate punishment for his law-breaking lobbying is to be able to do more lobbying. Why? Because if you punish him, you'll take away the incentive for future white-collar lawbreakers to cooperate with the authorities.


The corruption is so deep seated that it is sickening. Everyone in politics is bought off for special interests. Shame on the elected officials for allowing it, of course, they too are involved. They cover each other's backs.

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