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Jun 27, 2007


There is absolutely no basis in fact for stating that FEMA's increased staffing levels will somehow result in greater efficiency. In fact, it is currently being proven that quite the opposite is true.

FEMA, since taking over the National Preparedness Directorate that it fought so hard to gain control of since it's inception as the Office of Domestic Preparedness under DOJ and later, DHS, has once again proven to be inept, incapable and wholly incompetent - regardless of how large a satff we, the taxpayers, are paying for.

Funding for many key programs operated under the auspices of FEMA NPD, which was allocated when the Federal budget was finally passed earlier this year, continues to languish as the bureaucrats in the contract office move at glacial speed to complete their appointed duties.

Several of these awarded but as-of-yet unfunded programs have been described at various times by members of the Adminstration, Congress and FEMA's vaunted Diretor and Deputy Director's as "vital", "critical" and "the cornerstone of our nation's preparedness".

There is absolutely no need to wait or the enxt disaster to determine whether or not FEMA is capable of managing the next Katrina-esque disaster. As is evident today, the Agency is incapable of effectively managing it's day-to-day operations, let alone manage the challenges and issues associated with a large scale disaster

Performance based or results based are all just mumbo-jumbo code words to keep the unethical Kelman type of federal contracting processes in place. These bogus contracting methods put contractors in charge as system integrators or project managers with oversight provided by underpaid, inexperienced and powerless federal employees who can take punitive action such as authoring work stoppages and fines. City health inspectors have more power than a federal COTR.

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