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Jun 15, 2007


As one of those "agency employees" who had regularly read FCW, after FCW and Milton "Bureaucratus" Zall parted ways, FCW became just a shill rag for the computer industry.

Anyway after NMCI, vendors became irrelevant.

Gary P Norton

Christopher Dorobek



As always, I am happy to consider running columns from POGO, as FCW has run in the past.

And, just for the record, FCW readers are predominantly agency employees who buy, manage and operate government programs.

No, Connie, it doesn't count. They're just trying to defray postage cost involved. The pub is otherwise free, free, free. Brings new meaning to the term free press,. Am not sure the people who work there can be considered journalists, in the usual sense of the word ,because their main goal is to sell ads, and when it comes to content, there are only a few ways you can do that....

Connie the Contractor


The FCW print version charges for overseas subscriptions, as well as for subscriptions sent to Canadian and Mexican addresses. Does that count?




Sorry to see you so inflamed. Relax. And no need to buy an FCW subscription because it's free.

FCW makes its $ from ads and conferences sponsored by the companies whose products and services it "covers." But it's still a useful mag and not mean spirited. No investigative reporters there--and that's fine. That's not it's role in the government-IT industrial complex. That role is yours, among others, and you gotta thicken your skin, for your own sake.

I looked at the top ten orgs to watch list that honored POGO w a position. Interesting, GSA/Lurita Doan was listed #1.


Connie the Contractor

Danielle -

Great post. For once, someone has responded to Kelman with some facts and law. You know, I think he makes this stuff up as he writes. Of course, didn't he make up the whole "equal allocation of overhead" scam to explain overpriced spare parts?

Connie the Contractor

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