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Jun 14, 2007



I think back then, this was a promising project. In the early days of the still horrible V-22 they were looking at all options to help SOCOM get their people in and out of bad situations. The DP-2 looked as good as any paper plane could ever look especially form a small company.

I just in fact came back from San Diego and took a little trip to Gillespie field (KSEE) to check her out (because before you posted this, I was going to do my own little write-up on her). What a bucket of bolts! I admit, back then, this must have been such a promising project. Hell, even Pacific Flyer, the half aviation half comedy monthly newspaper was joking about this "Top Secret" project. The people in and around the airport just laugh at this thing. She has never left the ground and once a month or so the kick the tires and light the fire. Too much of our money went into this project, that for sure.


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