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May 07, 2007



Now that the elections are over I need your help to re-open and bring exposure and justice to the cover-up surrounding my father's death... As he was the Barack Obama of his day.. Please click on or copy and paste the two links below, the article that you're about to see... Should read bias suit made grimmer by homicide...



I'd like to expose the cover-up surrounding my father's death... The article in the NY Times says that there was a suicide note found near his body...

I had a handwriting expert examine that note and he's willing to prove in court that it's a forgery but I've got to get to court in order to do that. The city solicitor of Washington County Pennsylvania. refuses to release a copy of the police report on a closed alleged suicide case.

Even after he's received a FOIA request form. Those are suppose to be public records for anyone to see. Why the cover-up If it's really suicide?

My father was left handed, shot in the back of the right side of his head. He fought for his life for 12 long hours. After he allegedly shot himself. He received death threats and had crosses burned on his front lawn and much more.

He was suing the company that he worked for, for $70,000,000.00 for racial discrimination and to effect the way they did business in the United States, there were threats made on television "that man representing the black caucus at the plant might find himself dead."

Yet there was no coroner's inquest performed. The bullet entered just above his right ear, in the back of his head and exited the top of his head. I challenge you, take your left and imagine putting a gun behind your right ear to pull the trigger, I don't know about you, but if I were crazy enough to try to take my own life I wouldn't want the possibility of living through that mistake, so that angle, wouldn't be an option. One of the best pathologist in the country told me he's NEVER seen a suicide classification from that angle.

Please contact Barack Obama or Eric Holder or anyone else you know who can have this case re-opened or moved to the States Attorney's office in Pennsylvania. I need all the help I can get to re-open and bring attention and exposure to the injustice of my father's death.

I merely want to prove that my father did not kill himself. On the day of this alleged suicide he told a friend he was selling his Audi as he just bought a Porsche, two weeks prior to his death he told the whole family he had been approved for a $9 million dollar venture.
When pressed by his brother's and sister's to leave the company immediately due to the death threats he had been receiving, he said, "I can't, I've got people counting on me..."

Now, I'm praying that I can count on you, to work with me, to prove my that father didn't kill himself. Please help me clear my father's name. He went to bat for so many other families. It's a different day. We have a black President and soon a black Attorney General. I'm only asking, to clear my father's name... He was Murdered and I aim to prove it.

I've also been threatened, as a result of trying to re-open this case, if he killed himself why am I being threatened? Let's stand together to bring my father's killers to justice.

In one of the threat's that a member of the company made to my father, he responded in writing that "there's even victory in death." I need your help to make those words come true for William B. Brock of Pittsburgh who lived a died in Washington, PA.

I thank you in advance for all of your help, prayers and support as I endeavor to find justice...


Quite frankly, I'm tired of my tax paying dollars being wasted by the excessive amount of corrupt so called officials. They are officially corrupt and were of that mind set before they were either politically appointed or promoted to those positions. They give dedicated Government working level employees a bad reputation and they leave a bad taste about Government work in the mouths of nongovernmental workers. Furthermore, how many of these multiple investigations by our "officials" come to completion and result in any jail time for corruption. I'd say most investigations never come to completion, never get published to the tax paying public, and never have final legal corrective action for those individuals. Most go back to private industry where they came from and live a good life either as a CEO, CIO, Lawyer, or Board of Director.

IT's BECOMING A JOKE, and the JOKE is on the hardworking, dedicated, taxpaying American.

Innocent til Guility

Danielle and Beth,

I agree with your posting and the protection of whistle blowers. However, I can not agree with the House Committee for making public accusations without prior verification of the facts. Your reporting of the DoC IG was accurate in that it used the language and intent of the Committee's letters and Post article but you included the word "alleged", a word the Committee couldn't find in its dictionary. They quoted information coming from "credible sources", thereby implying it was truthful and that we the public should convict the IG based on those accusations. However, in the context of law that is not accurate. All that "credible" means in that context is that one of the accusers in the DoC IG office was formerly the Deputy IG and hence, under the law, is allowed to make crediible statements, or accusations in this case, because of his position. It does not mean the information given is necessarily true, or especially in this case, that the accuser has told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - a important of law. We have only heard the accuser's side and the prosecuting attorney's opening statment - let's wait until evidence is presented and we can decide for ourselves without letting the newspapers or the House do it for us.

I find their position ridiculous - does that mean we must accept everything President Bush says as the truth because he is in a credible position? I think not. I think it's the same premise that applies in court when an expert witness such as a doctor of something is called to testify. We are supposed to believe them more than the man on the street because they are "credible" because they have superior training and experience in that field. How that could apply to federal government managers is beyond me. And in court the otherside is allowed to present their "credible" witness and question the expert.

As for the IG you first mentioned, Johnnie Frazier, those accusations are very minor ones that many federal government managers may appear to violate to some degree. It is a very grey area unless they absolutely abuse their authority by traveling with companions and doing no government work. Do we complain when Bush flies to his ranch at great taxpayer expense so he can cut brush instead of going to Camp David to do real work? Go figure.

Thanks for your blog.

"Innocent til Guility"

numbers man

Danielle and Beth, you wrote "2. Bill A. Roderick, Acting IG of the Environmental Protection Agency who is attempting to get rid of 60 full-time staff members in his office out of a total of 360 and giving himself a $15,000 bonus, (making him possibly the only government bureaucrat on the face of the planet who ever voluntarily tried to shrink his agency)." Perhaps you missed the recent 30% staff reduction undertaken by the former Executive Director of the Thrift Savings Board (Gary Amelio) because he couldn't figure out what they were doing if they weren't out selling the product.

Danielle Brian

Actually, on second thought, I agree that the title doesn't accurately reflect the point we were making. Maybe it should have been "Whistleblowers raise questions about corruption..." Anyway, most important to us was our belief that any credible allegations by whistleblowers of wrongdoing by an IG deserve an investigation, whether we like that particular IG or not.

I do think Bowen has been a great IG, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be held to the highest standards of propriety. So we'll see how the investigation turns out. In the meantime, I find Tom Davis' new-found concern for whistleblowers and waste and fraud hilarious.

Connie the Contractor


Yeah, you are nitpicking. Frazier and Roderick are worthless. Cobb is nothing but a bully, and everyone in the IG community hates him. (He really need anger management therapy.)

Bowen isn't bad, but as Danielle and Beth point out, the people after him are part of the Administration or the contractor cabal.



Danielle and Beth,

Look at your headline. Look at your text. I didn't see one criminal indictment or conviction, and nothing definitive in the administrative realm. Why do you insist on displaying POGO's gut verdict of corruption before the administrative and justice systems have made such a pronouncement? You obviously like Bowen, and he is truly a star, but in the process of smearing all without full justification, you smear him under the same headline. Does this make any sense to you, or am I just nitpicking?


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