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Apr 14, 2007


Jeff Hamilton

I would like to encourage you to post information that you have that is contrary to POGO info here. Like KSBR, I myself have been very critical of POGO over the years. But, I have to agree with KSBR's assessment, and unless you state your case you look like a sheep. Supporting the troops does not mean mindlessly towing the Pentagon's line. I want our boys to have the best, not most expensive, and not fanciest, equipment available.

KSB Redux

To A.A. Cunningham,

If you had the Marine Corps' interest at heart--in a human sense, wishing the best and a long life for every jarhead--you would recognize the Osprey as a proven widow-maker. Its procurement and operational history are a disgrace. It's price is a ridiculous ripoff. And you can bet POGO and other observers are right about how limited its use will be given its fragility.

As a result, the Osprey is anything but a force multiplier, but rather is a force reducer, at ridiculous cost. If you have had anything to do with its development, production, or approval for use, you should be deeply ashamed. You are, in advance, helping to condemn noble Marines to death and injury in this disastrous contraption. You may have a lot of vested interests at New River and it has blinded you. The Osprey in its present murderous configuration is anything but what the Marine Corps needs.


A.A. Cunningham

Another poorly written and poorly researched collection of tripe that we've all come to expect from POGO. You people certainly are consistent. Keep it up though. You give everyone at New River a good laugh every time you release another Osprey update.


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