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Apr 24, 2007


wanda morgan

as a native american living in oklahoma i know we could all benefit from this lawsuit. but it looks like we are getting just a bite of the pie. any time there is money involved the true receipients have to settle for the crumbs.

Joseph Collins

From my understanding of the proposed settlement, approximately 500,000 IIM holders will share in the $1.42 billion settlement. Give or take, this amounts to about $3,000 per IIM account holder depending on certain criteria. I am puzzled. Does this settlement remotely come close to matching the amount(s) of resources pilfered and outright stolen the previous 100+ years? If not, it seems like yet another "throw them a bone" type of mentality where individual members receive a few thousand dollars. Many of these folks live in poverty and they have few thoughts about the significance of any of it as they rush to the bank to cash the check. Personally, growing up and studying the history and heritage and of my tribe, I am deeply disgusted by this outcome. Further, I look at the legacy of governing that's been adopted by many tribes since the IRA, and I am troubled by their seeming acceptance of this pittance! As I have followed this case, I felt that this would be one probable outcome. It's sad, because it only demonstrates yet another example of the continued oppression of Indian People, and this oppression exists at all levels. I believe that this is not good enough. How does it serve the generations of the future? Do we get the resources returned that have been stolen or used? Does it restore the lives that were snuffed out or shattered? Obviously not. The image I see in my mind is like the original landing of Europeans when they gave Indians a few beads for significant landbases. This is just another milestone in the abyss Indian People have been falling into the last 500+ years. It looks like the government is giving Indian People the shaft yet again!

Adam Wright

Okay I am glad this has finally been settled and all. Which I will believe it when I see my check. But 3.4 billion dollars to a half a million families is not that much money. If every family gets 2 dollars that is a million dollars. You would think that the government would notice that they "savagely" raped, murdered, and pillaged the Native Americans. Our families would be much larger than they now are and our presence in America would be far greater. When they swung that sword they drastically changed the Native American culture, past and present, and now $1000 per family is supposed to be our compensation for being the victims of the most vile acts known to man.

This website keeps current on the Cobell litigation: http://www.indiantrust.com

John Westwood

Ever since Judge Lamberth was removed from the case and Senator John McCain advised the Cobell group to negotiate (since reconstructed accounts were impossible) a multi-billion settlement, I've been watching for updated information to no avail.

Is there a web site to which interested and chagrined non-Indian Americans can resort for current information?

margaret cavanaugh

i would like to know if and when the suit is settled there s going to be appeal and we would have to wait again another 10 years also if you have land on onther reservation and thay say your share is only a hand full of dirt and thay offer only 88 dollors does that tribe have the right to do that sincerly margaret cavanaugh


I also would lke to thank Miss Eloise for all her courageous work she has done for our people. i also recieved the same papers for my land.. Again thank you....lynne


I want to thank Eloise for fighting for us. Iam a land owner, of what i am not really sure. The paper work they send me is confusing and far between. They just sent me a letter asking to purchase all of my rosebud land, i need help. Can anyone give me advise. Thank You Teri


I am astounded at the lack of reporting on this lawsuit over the past ten years. Given the crimes the Interior Department and our government has committed against the Indians it is an abomination. No person in this country would stand for a bank of theirs to treat them so cavalierly, so why should the government be allowed to continue in this fraud of accounting?


Its about time that there was a hearing on this matter! What the government proposed as a settlement is a slap in the face!! They would not blink twice on that amount if it was their money...they would go for all of it and they would demand that accountablility for the screw up would prevail. This government is an embarrassment to us all. I am glad that this Judge is taking action and getting this lawsuite under way for hearing and I believe he will prevail for a fair and just settlement for the Native Americans and not a drop in the bucket.

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