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Mar 22, 2007


crispin magno

well, anyone is entitled of his own opinion. Anybody can "attack" any individual or organization,we all have our right to speak our minds. And as they say, a fruitful tree is often times the subject of attention. Anybody who is in the position must be ready and sport to be criticized and attacked.

Jeff Hamilton

While the attack by "Hognose" was way off the mark and deserved a sharp rebuttal, this anonymous comment smells like it may be from the POGO staff. And who complained (clearly it must have been over the phone because there is no trace here) about the Aero News reference? That was weak. POGO shouldn't have had to clarify such a stupid little point. Everybody needs to calm down focus on the analyzing the weapons our troops are using. Are they getting what they need? Do they work properly? And finally, as taxpayers, are we getting what we paid for? Nough Said!

Writers (and I use the term loosely) like Kevin “Hognose” O’Brien are a disgrace to the whole concept of "bloggers". If false accusations and ridiculous name calling are the foundation of his work, then he is no better than the corrupt individuals POGO investigates on a daily basis. He is questioning the integrity of an organization that works tirelessly (and not funded by corporate companies, I might add) to ensure that our government continues to serve the American people honorably. He should be applauding the efforts of organizations like POGO instead of blatantly serving lies to attract readers to his own piece, but kudos to Aero-News.net for cutting the "pork" in their own organization.

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