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Mar 22, 2007


Connie the Contractor

Scott -

How right you are. However, none of these bills will do enough until Congress goes back and revisits the major provisions of FASA, FARA and SARA. Most of those provisions should be repealed, particularly the notorious "commercial item" definition. Also, there is absolutely no reason that "task and delivery orders" under so-called multiple award indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contracts should not be subject to the same "full and open" competition standard as they would be if they were considered to be "regular" contract awards. With modern computer technology, arguments that speed and efficiency would suffer no longer hold any weight. The contractors and agencies like multiple award ID/IQs because they are like hunting licenses. Once you get an "award," you can try to bag all the non-competitive work that follows.

BTW, although Chairman Waxman's "Accountability in Contracting Act" is a good first start, I wonder why he didn't require agencies to place limits on use of "Time-and-Materials and Labor-Hour" (T&M/LH) contracts? They are even less preferred than cost-reimbursement contracts, which Chairman Waxman's bill focuses on. POGO should bring this to his attention.

Connie the Contractor

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