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Feb 08, 2007



Help me understand this please. first, Walker and Skinner say that requests for documents take to long to get through the lawyers in DHS. How many lawyers are there? 1000? 1500? is there anything indicating that this guy is the specific problem, or is it an institutional "privilege" problem or something similar.

Second, can you identify what crime is committed by taking successive government and private sector jobs? do you have something showing he violated recusal rules, or misappropriated public money or something?

Third, I've read that Washington monthly article and I'm pretty confused by it. Help me here. For five years, the Congress could not pass any chemical security bill because a couple senators from oil states held it up. then, this guy found a way to get a bill passed the congress so now the Department actually regulates the security of chemical plants. I'd like to think there's something really wrong with that, but I'm having trouble. There was no regulation, and now there is regulation. Isn't regulation of chemical plants a good thing? So help me. Can the Department of Homeland Security shut down the plants if they aren't secure? I think so. So.... maybe you don't like this guy. Maybe he is really hard to get along with, I don't know. But doesn't there actually have to be some logic to this before we jump to conclusions?

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