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Jan 04, 2007


Irving Sids

I worked on a high profile site where the Wackenhut PM actually did a "Buddy" deal in which he hired someone that had been discharged from the US Army for miscondict (It was listed on his 214!) but somehow he got the guy through the investigation process. The PM spent the next several months covering up numerous inappropriate acts committed by the little psycho (Sleeping on duty, theft, sexual harrassment of employees on another contract. misapropriation of a government vehicle, etc) The final straw came when the employee was caught by local police officers poaching deer in an area adjacent to the site, while wearing his Wackenhut uniform. Apparently the PM couldn't cover this up, so he had to dismiss the employee.
The sad thing is that this was not an isloated incident. Amazingly enough, the contract just got renewed, and expanded. Apparently incompetence and dishonesty are not discriminators in the Goverment contract bidding process.

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