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Nov 03, 2006


Paul A. Kachur

Duh. All you have to do is stick a syrup-covered waffle into the disk & flash drives and they are disabled.

Doug Roberts

Welcome to the world of LANL under LANS. There were numerous documented problems reported regarding operations at LANL during the period that it was operated by the University of California. Now that LANS (of which UC is a full partner) is running the place, it should come as no surprise that very few, if any, substantive changes have been made with respect to how LANL conducts its daily business.

More of the same, rather. I hope DOE Secretary Bodman, and DOE in general are happy with the performance of their selected contractor's performance in running Los Alamos National Laboratory.

A modest suggestion: perhaps former Director Nanos should be rehired to 'drain the swamp'.


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