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Oct 25, 2006



First, let me say I was a former employee of (KSL), and I have to tell you it is the worst contractor I have ever worked for. I have worked in Los Alamos since 1981 for 9 different contractors, this one takes the cake! Management by Intimidation is there way of doing business. I was set up, framed if you will for supposedly wrongful computer usage. (Playing games on the internet!!) What a crock, they went on a cost cutting effort accross the Lab because LANS/KSL are in the RED for about 175 MILLION dollars. They all met behind closed doors and decided who would get asked to leave and who would be fired. I was one of the latter. I was one of the higher paid ones who would make a bigger dent in the budget. Here's another example, a Director of a certain group had a son who had just past away, he had just buried his son and they told he was to take a cut in pay, he refused, they fired him. I have seen over the past 4 years blatent disregard for the spending of tax payers dollars at this facilit, Before I left a work order over run report showed jobs were being overran to the tune of 50 million dollars. Hell of a way to run a show!

Doug Roberts

This should come as no surprise. If the purportedly "furious" Sam Bodman had seriously wanted to implement changes at Los Alamos, he should not have retained the incumbent contractor (the University of California), as part of the new contracting team, known now as LANS. I'd say that Secretary Bodman got what he paid for: more of the same sloppy management that has become the hallmark of UC's 63 year stewardship of LANL. Under LANS the number of upper-level managers has tripled, but little else of substance appears to have changed.


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