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Sep 07, 2006



Damn, how do you do your job? Damned if you do and damned if you don't...omg

Yolanda Gibson-Michaels

KUDOS!! The Office Of Special Counsel only serves to block, circumvent, ignore, obstruct justice of all Federal Whistleblowers. It is highly recommended that the Office of Special Counsel is abolished with the immediate removal of Scott Bloch, OSCs Board of Director.

I call upon our President to appoint Whistleblowers to oversee the Office of Special Counsel. Whistleblowers upheld the mandate on behalf of the President. The Office of Special did not uphold the President's mandate.

All Whistleblowers should be immediately compensated for involuntary removals, retailiation, reprisals, assaults, abuse, defamation of characters, loss of medical benefits, duress on families, and the maltreatment we endured at all levels of State, Federal, Local, Private sectors on behalf of our President.

Whistleblowers are victims of Legislative Propoganda. i.e. "Whistleblower legislation endorsed but not enforced."

I call upon our President to sign immediate legislation to reinstate and rehire all Federal and Private Sector Whistleblowers to and including immediate compensation for our sacrifices in the name of Justice, U.S. Constitution, Due Process; and the American Legal System tarnished by hyprocrisy.

We (Whistleblowers) didn't drop the ball reported corrupt officials drop the ball i.e., Enron, Halliburton, etc.

Whistleblowers are involuntarily removed from jobs and forced into an Administrative Bureaucracy Process...while reported officials continue to engage into fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption.

I call upon our President to enact the establishment of an immediate Federal Whistleblower Corporation to oversee, administer, investigate, and enforce Whistleblower laws at all levels of the U.S. Federal Government, Federal OIG Offices, The Office of Special Counsel, FBI, etc.

The Federal Whistlblwoer Corporation will employ all displaced, involuntarily removed, and victims of a system exposed by John Perkins author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

Whistleblowers didn't create the Pyrimad of Fraud. It was created by Greed and Evildoers.

I call upon our President to rehire all Whistleblowers i.e., FBI, CIA, HOMELAND SECURITY, LABOR, FDIC, OTS to serve as Ambassdors of Trust over Homeland Security. The American Public would benefit and trust whistleblowers to ensure that Corporate, Federal, Contract and Private Sector Fraud is exposed and eradicated at all levels of the Government.

I call upon our President, U.S. Congress, Senate and the House of Reprsesentatives to pass emergency legislation to reinstate all Whistleblowers, Compensate loss wages and income, and to establish an immediate Whistleblower Corporation.

The United States can not have an honest Government if you don't have integrity, morals, and ethics from the Top to the Bottom.

Yolanda Gibson-Michaels (FDIC Whistleblower Against Corporate Greed)

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