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Aug 25, 2006


P. Jeffrey Black

This is a positive first step taken by Director Brown and I hope he will continue to work with the front-line air marshals for continual change of additional policies that jeapardize the safety of air marshals, airline crews, and the passengers. Air Marshals have been trying to get numerous dangerous policies changed for over 4 years without any favorable results. It finally took courageous efforts by air marshal whislteblowers, who over the past 2 years have filed numerous OSC and OIG whistleblower disclosures, and then finally risking their careers by going on national television to expose these unsafe policies. This is a classic example of why government employees in national security positions need stronger and meanignful whislteblower protections and new legistation from Congress.

P. Jeffrey Black
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA)
Nevada State Chapter President

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