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Jul 25, 2006



Like em straight, too, Connie, eh?

Connie the Contractor

Tough call folks. POGO doesn’t seem to like the F-22. Cost seems to be a big factor. You have to admit that at $375 million a pop for a fighter, one wonders what’s next?

Keeping on topic though, I guess the immediate issue is whether a multi-year procurement is best for taxpayers. I’m not a fan of multi-year for a variety of reasons. Also, the alleged savings by using multi-year seems to be minuscule. I wish that Congress would just decide how many planes to buy rather than hiding by hide budget tricks like multi-year.

As to the feminization of this board, Connie is a tough warrior woman who likes her weapons high tech, effective and lots of ‘em.


These stories always remind me of quotes attributed to German soldiers after WWII, talking about the defeat of German armor. They always had the superior weapon system, but the 'damn americans' had 5 or 6 tanks for every one they had. I imagine that 15 Mig 21's could dispose of a single f-22, so we lose and go broke at the same time. Gotta love that (new) American ingenuity!!!!


Whoa, sounds like someone needs a drink.

Let's not get all feminized about this -- your problem is with the military-industrial complex, not with the F-22. That's a problem with Congress, not 'phallic' fighter planes.

As for the plane, well, there's a lot of shouting, but when its all over, nobody disputes the fact that the F-22 is the best of the best. It's called evolution.

Reminds me of when some of these people said back in the 80s that the Bradley fighting vehicle would literally 'burst into flames' upon use.

A lot of the same arguments used on the F-22 now were applied to the once-new F-15 back in the early 70s.

When Red Flags were relatively new, F-5s went up against F-15s -- and the F-15s got killed. This of course prompted various Senators to grumble and harumph, asking why we need F-15s when we could just buy more Phantoms.

Nevermind the guys flying the F-15s were rookies, and the Phantoms were hardened combat pilots. Needless to say, the next time the exercise was repeated, the F-15 pilots smoked like a bottle of KC Masterpiece on a rack of ribs.

"It ain't about the dog, son, it's about the fight in the dog."

K Street Buddy Redux

Ahem, MNNI:

Perusal sugests most POGO blog stories get no comments. It is interesting that your name (affiliation?) is not important. Your views are, of course, and you sound, well, like a woman who has some problems with phallic symbols. Try a psycho-blog. This one's for meat-and-potatoes fraud, waste, and abuse. Serve the morals, hold the vitriole and the identity issues, please.

My Names Not Important

Isn't it interesting that nobody has commented on this posting. I don't care for this blog because it does far to many defense items and the readers are clearly pro-F22. Every time this group is critical of the F22 the Fly Boy He-Man Woman Hating Club descend upon this blog to scream about how great their great big powerful phallic symbol plane is. We chew on this one. You aren't getting the best plane for the taxpayer's buck, you are getting the most bucks the taxpayers can dish out so that those associated with it can get their piece of the pie. Sleep tight tonight boys. We don't have to worry about China's air superiority. We have to worry about our own bankrupt morals that will clearly tear us asunder.

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