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Jul 13, 2006



The increase in service procurement should not be surprising to anyone that has followed the congressional battles for the last 20 years. It has been a race between the Democrates and Republicans to see who could shrink the government the most, at least in the public's eyes. Many of those positions eliminated were filled by civil servants and military to support combat and potential combat missions. The positions were eliminated, but the service they provided was still needed so they were contracted out. This was supposed to save money. In many cases, however, the resulting contract did not provide as much service as was previously being supplied. So that mission either did with less or the contract was modded to provide what was desired. As long as this political battle continues the ratio of goods to service will continue to slide. (This is merely mirroring evolution of the American economy. More and more goods are being made overseas and America is turning into a vast service industry.)


Are incumbent politicians doin' a good job?
Who are they?
Can you name 10, 20, 50, or even 268 (of 535 in Congress) that are responsible?

Instead, politicians are gettin' theirs, paddin' their golden parachutes, votin' themselves cu$hy perk$ and rai$e$, and fueling the petty partisan warfare that too many voters are all too fond of wallowing in.
So, why keep re-electing irresponsible incumbents?

Look at incumbency rates:

The Senate has an 80% re-election rate.
The Representatives have a 99% re-election rate.
Because we keep re-electing them.
So, we must like them? No?
Or is it the petty partisan warfare that (by design) almost guarantees their incumbency.
Perhaps we should give some other valid candidate a chance?
But, more importantly, if they are irresponsible too, they should be voted our (or recalled) too.
So, how about electing someone that hasn't already proven to be irresponsible, bought-and-paid-for, crooked, looks the other way, votes on pork-barrel, graft, and corporate welfare, panders, and lies.
Party bigots are so afraid of the other party (when there truly few important differences), and so consumed with partisan warfare, they have forgotten the one simple thing they were supposed to be doing all along.

What good are parties if both are full of irresponsible, corrupt, pandering, bought-and-paid-for, selfish, crooked, and lying incumbent politicians?

Perhaps pullin' the party lever, and votin' straight ticket is not such a smart thing to do. Sure, the politicians like it.

I've checked the records and behavior of my Senators and Representatives, and they are irresponsible.
So, they are not getting my vote.
Not just because they are incumbents.
Because they are irresponsible.
They vote against campaign finance reform.
They vote against lots of no-brainer, common-sense reforms.
They refuse election reforms.
They refuse to be fiscally responsible.
They fuel petty partisan warfare, fooling the voters, so that a majority can never exist to vote out the irresponsible incumbents, who take turns being irresponsible. And, if they get voted out, they become big-money lobbyists, and still wreak havoc and corruption all over.
Want to know how to stop that?
Just do what we were always supposed to do.

  • Stop Repeat Offenders.

  • Don't Re-Elect Them !

Here's what we need:

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