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Jun 22, 2006


K Street Buddy Redux


Not from K St., Buddy--

Try reading my comments to discover what side of an issue I am on. And I'm on K Street, in a plush, jewel-bedecked, outrageous throne room of an office, just feeding off-------------companies, not federal agencies. I fight the good fight, one by one.

I am not for the F-22. I think we still should be flying the F-4, which saved a lot of asses, including mine, in an earlier war.

Not from K St., Buddy

I just got POGO's email about this F22 issue. But, having recently read your blog Congress Avoiding the Masses' Email it sounds like doing something on this is a waste of time. Does anybody know where you can rent a lobbyist for an hour to contact my politicians and tell them to be responsible for one freaking time and vote against this toilet that we keep flushing money down? And save it fly boys. I don't want to hear that we need to spend billions so China won't attack us in our sleep. At the cost of this thing and the debt from Iraq etc we'll have to legally turn our country over to China to get out of debt.

Working Guy

Can POGO provide a blow by blow of the debate on the F-22? I have to work and want to know what is going on. Given the number of comments in the past on the F-22 clearly your readers want as much information about this crucial debate as they can get.

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