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Jun 08, 2006



Since the Bush administration took over... I've lost all faith in Washington - in every sense. Everyone knows you can't trust polititans, but the outright lies... I could rant on and on.....

Paul Ross

Jason, it Doesn't look like you have any "there" there.

Duncan Hunter is a long-standing perpetual advocate for a considerably larger budget for the Navy than the CBO wants to approve. He is not trolling opportunistically for some boond-doggles to front for. Quite the opposite.

It is the so-called watch-dogs that have the ulterior agendas. Including the Administration, which believes in some magical "transformation" that essentially ends the need for all manned vehicles whatsoever.

The CBO has some anti-defense idealogues who believe that somehow we can get by with a puny 200 ship navy. So they are already opposed in principle to the idea of the proposed 313 ship Navy, not to mention the affordability of what Bush came into the White House with...a 344 Ship Navy. And that was easily affordable then. But due to unilateral reductions...by the Pentagon...ignoring Congressional mandates on expenditures (such as the size of the Carrier fleet)...all for "savings" that are realized by these dubious-legality cuts in forces... never seem to get translated back into the Naval ship procurement budget. As a consequence, there is a real crisis brewing in the Naval forces.

We are down to only 286 ships. The White House has been peremptorily ignoring the experts, and overriding them at the Pentagon, ignoring how many carriers are needed [15] and attack subs [68]

The "connection" to Titan is also almost laughable. Duncan was for these projects that he is being innuendoed about...long before L3 Communications bought Titan. As for the two weapons systems being attacked, they are both "cutting edge" or as is known in the biz, it is not surprising. The LCS, Littoral Combat System (X) for example stands for EXPERIMENTAL!!!!

These are path-breaking approaches. There will be engineering issues that need to be confronted, and trying to do them on the cheap may not work out. We'll see. Rather premature to be throwing out the idea at the very first road block. And the LCS is indeed, very pivotal to future navy procurement plans, so I have no idea what Scully or you are talking about that it is not encompassed in the 313 ship navy. It is a contingent plan. Waiting to see how the new R&D of the LCS(X) pans out.

As for the AWS, the on-the-cheap investigation of a new cruise missile design at the Office Of Naval Research which Titan is collaborating with, check out this linked article at Global Security: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/aw.htm. The desert test-firings actually confirmed all of the capabilities that needed to be made by the "off-the-shelf" componentry. So the claim of "failed all tests" sounds to me to have been a seriously significant misstatement. And also keep in mind, even once past prototype stage, there are often production model bugs that need to be ironed out. That is the industrial process.

So let's see some perspective...and more honesty about what kinds of serious advances and...the real challenges confronting them....are being prompted here by a congressman who seems to me to be a serious advocate for giving our forces what they need.

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