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Jun 07, 2006


Williams' US-VISIT award and his recent appointment have a very interesting link -- Steven Kelman. First, Kelman (a former OFPP Administrator and an old pal & supporter of Williams) lobbied for Accenture who surprisingly beat out Lockheed for the US-VISIT contract.

Kelman is on the record stating: "Jim is at the center of the strategically most important homeland security [information technology] project out there, right now[.] ...It's a tough project. It couldn't be in better hands." Federal Computer Week, March 21, 2005.

Kelman also has strong ties to Rep. Tom Davis, a proponent of many of Kelman's acquisition reforms, who supported Lurita Alexis Doan, GSA's new Administrator. Doan is now Williams' boss. It appears that the 6 degrees of Steven Kelman had something to do with both the US-VISIT award and Williams' appointment. There maybe alotta back-scratching going on.


Nothing worse than a former contractor running a federal agency that awards minimal competition contracts. Especially since New Technology has a GSA contract itself. GSA already has awarded over 19.000 so-called contratcs and now a 30-day turn around time - it's almost an entitlement

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