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Jun 08, 2006



Took a look at the report, the committee recommends 230 million dollars to procure 3 Ospreys. Googled anpvs-14 night vision goggles, and found a sight offering the standard mvpvs-7's over the counter at just under 4 thousand per. One Osprey equals 19,167 sets of "standard issue" nvgs. Couldn't we just do with 2 Ospreys? Didn't find out how much is actually being cut though (the display is sideways and I got a crick in my neck reading it). It is this sort of "how many hamburgers will a million dollars buy" comparison that ordinary folk (like me) need to comprehend what's going on in the soporific world of finance. Figures don't mean much until you open your wallet to see what's there. If only Fox News cared about soldiers instead of the pentagon. I want to see how many soldiers are wandering around in the dark, even if they can't.

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