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Jun 16, 2006



I can confidently assure Mandy that it is not a CIA plot or conspiracy to deny the GOA or anyone else for that matter information under the FOIA. From my experience it is just a matter of bureaucracy. The CIA bureaucracy is not only deeply entrenched but is highly protective but they are responsive under the weight of Legislative Branch pressure. Nothing is more frightening to a CIA bureaucrat than the thought of having to appear on Capital Hill before some committee. Regarding the declassification of information to release under FOIA requests, it is not a matter of just one or two bureaucrats that review information for release. It is an internal layered bureaucracy involving many divisions, departments and branches perhaps across from two to four of the CIA's directorates. It is a slow and tedious process but as long as pressure is consistently applied, the process continues and will have fruitful results in the end. So long as the "sensitive sources and methods involved" criteria are not violated, in most cases things work out to the public good in the end.

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