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May 05, 2006


Pink Limo

Man yours story is good. Limousine is good for wedding!


WOW! What a story?! trully the world is becoming smaller.. fortunately the Limousines are becoming bigger!


DHS extneds contract to Limo company for new work after Cunningham scandal Oct 18, 2006
The $21 million contract went into effect Oct. 27, 2005, with annual options for five years.


Amendment Cuts DHS Funding for Limousine Use

The House version of the 2007 Homeland Security Appropriations bill now includes an amendment to reallocate funding otherwise spent on limousines for Department of Homeland Security employees to instead pay for grants for local fire departments, Rep. John R. Kuhl, R-N.Y., said Tuesday. “I was shocked and appalled to learn recently that the Department of Homeland Security had a $22 million contract with a limo company in Virginia to provide limousine service to Department bureaucrats to ride around Washington,” Kuhl said. He called the request a “gross misuse of taxpayer funds.” If the current version becomes law, the amendment—sponsored by Kuhl and Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga.—would redirect those funds to local fire departments for equipment, safety programs and training.

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What's the deal with this Hayden character? Seems like Bush is pushing him because they can control him. Is that what you're hearing?


According to the federal CCR, Shirlington Limo as its called by its Doing Business As (DBA)name: AMBASSADOR LUXURY TOURS & TRANSPORTATION is located ( Physical Street Address) at- WASHINGTON NATIONAL AIRPORT H-7 STE223.
SHIRLINGTON LIMOUSINE is also classified as a federal HUBzone contractor. Shilrlington has been awarded other federal contracts before the DHS contract, one as an 8(a) set aside (2003) which Shirlington does not appear to be!


I'd like to know how Lucretia A Pearce became VP of Operations of Shirlington. The government contract designates Shirlington as having "veteran and minority" status. A lookup of Ms. Pearce finds photos showing her to appear to be African-American and to be a somewhat accomplished well-educated person. How did she get involved with Wilkes, Baker, et al.?

Nick at POGO

Thanks Bondo, I corrected the post to say Foster was a former director.


As of today, only a Chris D. Baker is listed as a Board Director of the company.

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