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May 12, 2006


M Street Bimbo

By saying Al Quaeda five times, it is ensured that POGO's calls and emails will be tracked and recorde in perpetuity.

Al Quaeda, Al Quaeda, Al Quaeda, Al Quaeda, Al Quaeda.

Sorry, but your hadi it coming.



By slimeing the nation with jaw-dropping revelations of misconduct, constitutional violations and blatant acts of treason. And then daring anyone to stop them; they are achieving precisely what they have set out to to do. This administration has numbed Americans with continuous attacks on our Constitution, liberties and emotions. So much so that we no longer object with any force of conviction. This is dangerous. It is a form of mind control that allows them to be insidious at attempting to infiltrate every important piece of government and then make the rules they want. Has anyone forgotten Bushs' pardon power. It can be used on himself as well, if needed.

The problem seems to be that NSA and DIA let just about anybody use their database, etc. They are now integrating CIA analysts into the 'new 'platform for the total intelligence computer. The telecom database is the same issue. Who else other than NSA/DIA got access to the dataqbase(s).

I would'nt like someone like Plame getting my informationfrom DIA or NSA.

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