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May 16, 2006


GoT Free DumB?

I've gpt the solution-vote against all incumbants.

Posted by: BobG | May 21, 2006 12:35:25 PM
And Just in your opinion, Just exactly , Who ARE the incumbants?
Just a question Bob. not an arguement , since I don,t know who you mean as incumbants.
I think Free Dumb is the REAL Incumbant.
But, thats just my opinion.


I've gpt the solution-vote against all incumbants.

GoT FreeDumB?

"can't say" BREEDS "can't say" .
blessed are the poor.
woe to those who are RICH!


I'm interested to know your opinions on the Hayden confirmation quote where Hayden says he "can't say" whether contractors are subject to the Geneva Conventions. Check out my blog, exclusively devoted to contractors and related issues, to comment...

Countess Smegma

Is it time for FreeDumb's daily drool?

Mrs. Turdalot

One thing is clear: GoT FreeDumb has hijacked POGO's site and filled it with sanctimonious, idiotic drivel.

FreeDumb breeds jerks and idiots.

POGO--learn to use the delete button or block that sucker.

GoT FreeDumB?


GoT FreeDumB?

does freedom breed freedumb?
does communism breed communism?
what is god breeding?
is god free or is god communist?

GoT FreeDumB?

one question though.
if rich breed rich, then does that mean poor breed poor?

GoT FreeDumB?

breeding is an interesting word, ixn,t it?

GoT FreeDumB?

System Breeds Violance.
violance breeds violance.
perverts breed perverts.
corruption breeds corruption.
lies breed lies.
get IT?
Wars Breed Wars.
Terror breeds terror

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