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May 22, 2006


Kare Anderson

Your site is so valuable and powerful. For us less tech-savvy, consider adding Feedblitz as a way to subscribe. I've mentioned your blog to people in my last two audiences.. some later emailed me to say they, too, had difficulty reading the left side of the page

but kudos to you for the valuable service!! - Kare, author SmartPartnering www.sayitbetter.com

Justin Slotman

Hey, where are the hookers on this graph? Included in the poker parties?

T Street Tommy

This is truly bush (league). How unprofessional and amateurish can you get, POGO? If there is humor in it, it would have to be legible to understand.

Did you say your fundraising was going well? Uh?

Now, rather than publish half-baked product, you just grab it when it has only been in the oven a couple of minutes.

Congratulations on a new low.

It is time to call for prayer, but it would be nice if FreeDumb and the other bornagain aholes don't show up.


Ok, so the idea is fun...I like drawings, but could you have re-drawn the draft drawing to make it look a little better...no one needs graphics...just less scratcing out...If you were in second grade this would not even get a passing grade..D-.

Do you the commenters on this blog have a sense of humor? I'm actually even surprised POGO allows unmoderated comments.

Then you must think the FBI, the DoD IG and CIA IG and several US Attorneys along with the New York Times all think like second graders too. Because they're drawing up the same diagrams, though they're maybe a little prettier than this one.

I always thought this group thought like 2nd graders, but this proves it.

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