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Apr 28, 2006



Maybe we just ought to keep him around until 2008 and then promote him into Goss' job. It'll drive the Republicans nuts!


I've just been staying at home waiting for something to happen, but I don't care. Basically nothing seems worth thinking about. I can't be bothered with anything recently.


If Larry King, Jr. is back in DC now, (he should be out of prison by now) and working the scene or blackmailing with old photos....no wonder Poppy hasn't been seen in public in a long time....all the same players are back in the WH too.

Sick, pathetic pedophiles. This might be the Gosch, Guckert, Gannon connection.


I just dropped in and read the above article/blog. And ironically, about a week ago I was reading about an incident strikingly similar to this one which happened in the Capitol, (1989) and included a senator, revealed more congressmen and senators who they refused to disclose, as running a pedophile ring under a man named Larry King. ( not the Larry King of CNN today) He was well known around Washington DC., he created sex rings involving children which were used or taken from (Boys Town) in Nebraska with the approval of a catholic priest.

The funny thing about it was, that once it was said and done, a witness and his child both died, then the case was first dropped against King, as all other child witnesses and defendants against King were then threatened into seclusion by the government. All but one child who was at the time a woman that refused to change her story or drop the charge, and they nailed her with purgery in court and gave her 10 years behind bars. King only received 2 years for other charges of corruption. Case dropped.

Then another attorney came along and reopened the case after bringing back the witnesses (who survived) who were originally threatened. They testified and won, (with proof, tapes, ETC) the courts had to release the girl who was sentenced for 10 years, (had already served 4 years) and King was finally charged with pedophilia.

Sad part was that even though the case was closed, the prosecutor later went on to write a book, and at the beginning passage into his book, he wrote an apology to all the children who would continue to be sexually abused by this same sex ring in (Washington DC), and I'm assuming by the same top officials which they could not expose or bring down in the second case.

I think POGO is drawing up a curiosity around the word and use " companion " with good reason.

Good Job!


Seems you were on to something. The sudden Goss resignation has the spin machine in O/D...


Let me see if I got this straight: Foggo has been continuously investigated by the CIA for his hard partying activities with a high school buddy who's a shady lobbyist. His parties have been deemed "no threat to operational security" by the Agency, i.e., they don't materially effect his Govt job. He likes poker, cigars and women, but denies ever paying for the latter. Hell, the guy sounds like a Bill Clinton clone. Maybe we just ought to keep him around until 2008 and then promote him into Goss' job. It'll drive the Republicans nuts!

That was the longest blog entry I have ever seen...it
sucks...it did not even keep my interest to the
end...and what is with the bible bs...who are these

Q Street Buddy

I think it is time for POGO to clean up its act. Stop playing to prurient interests. It should not matter whether one likes dicks or chicks. And enough of this bible crap, too. You are turning a once-good site into a passion play. Shame on you.


I agree! These sins of arrogance, greed, and perversion and so great that even the Bible couldn't have antipated them. The Bible writters never anticipated the effect of contractors on the United States.

Got Free Dumb?

Names Like "Nine Fingers" and Dusty Foggo , Nuclear,,,
Are NOT in the Bible.
Just for your information.
John Hagee predicts a nuclear war of some kind. Where does He get his Info?
Certainly not the Bible.

Search the Bible


Sounds like there's only an assumption made that "companions" were women... with this batch of crminals tied to the criminal WH, I'd assume male "companions."

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