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Feb 12, 2006


Thanks K St. Buddy. You remind us that good government buying practices are like being President, its hard work.

K Street Buddy

Yes, Gary P. Norton, the GSA schedule is not necessarily the lowest price possible from the source concerned. The schedule is a contract form that GSA approves, and a price that GSA deems is right given ESTIMATED volume and, if applicable, commercial price levels. However, an agency can attempt to negotiate lower prices with the source, and they often do for large buys. But they need to provide a suitable contract vehicle. The schedule is in place, is easy, and often attracts agencies to pay somewhat higher prices, just for the convenience.

Gary P. Norton

Is there another story here?

The schedule is not the best price?

I understood that I could always rent "off schedule", but pay the difference out of my pocket.

Pretty strong incentive for using the schedule.

K Street Buddy



You heard the hearings earlier today. They are stupid and slothful. What would you expect?

Note that it costs a lot and can take a year to get on the schedule. Enterprise should have been on it.

Note also, many times, contractors and vendors offer a better price than their schedule price. It's a matter of negotiating--and common sense.

Keep up the good work.

Kevin at POGO

Based on further information received since posting this story: GSA has a specified schedule for leasing automobiles. Take note that Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the company used for these automobiles, is not on this schedule. Just looking at the first contractor on the schedule alone, several mid-size sedans can be leased for under $600/month– well below the $936/month paid here. FEMA used GSA for this contract, and if the schedules exist, shouldn't GSA have used them?

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