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Feb 15, 2006


Brabara Striesand, If you withdrew your funding upon my blog within this blog page, I suggest you may want to reconsider as this is an excellent and intelligent open source for communication. If you withdrew your funding as a matter of conscience and decide to let us know why, please do so.


Blah! Blah! OLD NEWS. Continued No Empeachment talks as factual allegations of Corruption, Bribery, Torture (and resulting in death=Executice high crime of murder) continue within the Executive, Congressional and Judicial Branches of our US Government and in direct violation of our US Constitution and Laws. The same people that are running our US Government today are the very same people that where alleged and/or convicted in the Nixon and Regan (Watergate (murder), Iran Contra (Assinations) etc.) and numerous other High Crimes (and presidentially pardoned). Also, some of these forementioned crimes have not been prosecuted to this day.


Has anyone read these posts?

Has Dina and/or Beth Daley read these poets?


Has anyone read these posts?

even though most likely and overwhemingly true, should read alleged deserter and should most likely include other Executive Cabinet members.

Why are Americans being tortured excecuted in our prisons and mental health institutions and Awol deserters like George Bush and Executive Leaders that allow torture and murder are rewarded by our Global companies and lawyers and National Whistleblower Center and POGO (Barbra Striesand, Rockefeller etc) supporters with their large and overwhelming money contributions, support, influence and power?


Why does the nion NOT IN OUR NAME signers support soldiers who refuse to fight in war such as george bush apparently did by going awol in time if a war in Vietnam? Please clarify.

Where you at the olympics in 1936 and cheering with the Kennedys, Regans, Bushes?


IG reports directly to the commander of that organization.

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