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Feb 24, 2006


Where you at the 1936 Olympics and/or cheering with the Kennedys, Regans and Bush's?


Why are Americans being tortured and/or excecuted and/or murdered in our prisons and mental health institutions and alleged AWOL deserters like George Bush and possibly other executive leaders that from alleged facts also allow torture and murder and are rewarded by our Global Companies and Lawyers and National Whistleblower Center and presumably POGO (Barbara Striesand and Rokefeller foundation) supporters and their overwhelming money contributions, support, influence and power?


Blah! Blah! OLD NEWS. Continued No Empeachment talks as factual allegations of Corruption, Bribery, Perjury, Torture (and resulting in death= Executive high crime of murder) continue within the Executive, Congressional and Judicial Branches of our US Government and in direct violation of our US Constitution. The same people that are running our US Government today are the very same people that where alleged and/or convicted in the Nixon and Regan (Watergate (murder), Iran Contra (Assinations) etc.) and numerous other high crimes (and Presidentially pardoned).

Scott Tisthammer

While our representatives sell US out little does anyone make of the fact they are allies to terrorist. How do the American people feel about having our loved ones in Iraq in the belief they are there patriotically when our mis-representatives are making millions of $ on scams involving defense contracts?
The President would suggest we break our addiction to oil, just one of our problems. Break the grip lobbyist have on our representatives and the revolving door! How does Osama Bin Laden feel about having the support of people we pay, provide health insurance, & retirement selling out the people of America while prewar Rumsfeld remarks "war in Iraq surely won't last two years." Or putting the cost of war at $50 billion. How do defense contractor scams effect that #? It has already cost$440 billion & Bush would ask for $120 billion more while cutting education & health care.
Bottom line is America is mismanaged by less than qualified people who would sell out their own mother and when caught would lie using our tax $ to cover their lies.
When our elected officials start to listen to the people of America instead of taking advantage of US we will once again be a free nation. Promoting democracy throuhout the world while democracy is failing here in America is not only rediculous but has to be something terrorist enjoy. Can you imagine?
Bush & the rest of our mis-representatives are controlled by corporate un-America! Illegal immigration has been promoted for years by our representatives who won't raise minimum wage in return for campaign contributions. America is the biggest joke in the world and the joke is on US! Headlines tell the truth about the lies. Insider trading, campaign finance scams, CIA leaks, our President breaking constitutional law, selling ports to United Arab Emirates, & a list perpetual. Came on America, WAKE UP!

Honest Response

And, it appears the Sean T. Fromm is now working for a company called ZeNETeX LLC, out of Herndon, VA.
The company just hired Sean Fromm on Jan 16, 2006:

ZeNETeX, LLC adds new Executive
Sean Fromm to head ZeNETeX Network Service Practice

Herndon, VA, January 16, 2006 “ Strengthening its Network Services Practice, ZeNETeX a leading provider of network consulting services to the Federal Government, today announced the appointment of Sean Fromm as Vice President of Network Services.

Sean has worked closely with Federal Agencies to deploy secure network solutions around the world . His experience and expertise make him the ideal candidate to join ZeNETeX as Vice President of Network Services and we are excited to have him on board, said Greg Smith, CEO of ZeNETeX. Adding Sean will allow us to expand our network services practice and deliver even more value to our clients.
Fromm will be responsible for all operations of the ZeNETeX network services business unit including client delivery, business development and strategy. ZeNETeX has a solid reputation in the federal market for implementing and managing technology solutions that improve their clients operations.said Fromm. I'm looking forward to working with this very talented technical team.
With 10 years of technology consulting services experience, Fromm is known throughout the Federal IT market, having advised government CIOs on technology and networking strategy. Most recently, he was President of INS Federal, Inc. and held numerous other executive positions with large networking and technology consulting firms.
ZeNETeX is the leading provider of ITIL based assessment, implementation, training and management services to federal government agencies with complex, global, secure network environments. Classified as small business, ZeNETeX employees are experienced ITIL and Network certified professionals. Working with the largest federal agencies and leading systems integrators, the company has emerged as the ITIL expert for the Government market.
A little checking at GovernmentContractsWon.com show that Sean Fromm's old company, Innovative Network Solutions, won various federal contracts:

Government Contracts for the above Location in 2002
for the Defense Department
Government Contractor Info
Government Contractor/
Type of Business Entity Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) Performing in the United States
Women-Owned Business No
HUBZone Representation Yes
Ethnic Group No Representation
Veteran-Owned Small Business --
2004 Government Contracts 3/$12,295
2003 Government Contracts 12/$320,004
2002 Government Contracts 2/$64,030
2001 Government Contracts 0/$0
2000 Government Contracts 0/$0
Government Contract List
Product/Service ADP Support Equip
Government Contracting Office HQ USA INSCOM, Dir of Contracting Principal Place of Performance Fort Belvoir, Virginia
(Fairfax County)
Well, it looks like Sean Fromm night become more well-known than ZeNETeX bargained for. We'll see how long his name stays up on the front page of the company web site.

Honest Response

By the way, one can view the entire list of MZM top 100 donors and see the names of the Rich father and son, the Fromm father and son and others who used to work for the Dod:

The source is CampaignMoney.com.
The latest cycle:

Honest Response

I am hoping that the people who work inside the DoD and funnel contract bid info and, then, the actual contracts to bribing contractors will go down as hard, or harder than, any member of the Senate or House who is on the take. Why would people inside the DoD get involved in corrupting the contract process? Money? Well, the type of job that Robert F. Fromm, who is described in the latest WaPo article as the official involved in the MZM/Wade guilty-plea info, held at the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) is described in the job announcement at

Department Of The Army
Agency: Army Intelligence and Security Command Job Announcement Number:
WTST05522483 Intelligence Specialist (Operations Support)

The salary range is given: 85,123.00 - 110,662.00 USD per year.

How much more did Fromm and his son Sean T. Fromm earn by going to work at MZM?

NoT Free

At first , I read : Echoes of WARDrummun. War Drumming.

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