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Jan 13, 2006


Timmy Eats World

Let me guess, K St. Bud is in his 50s or 60s bankrolls a nice bit of change, but probably has a daughter who's a young adult and trying to save the world so dad's having second thoughts about working for the devil. But, that pay check is like heroine. You don't have the cubans and single malts every night, but life is good even if you realize that those around you are corrupt.

Meanwhile, K St. Foe is a Limo Dem, or wait I'm guessing a woman in the Hillary vein. Yeah, you're a 40s maybe 50s gal. Yes, didn' they used to call them Lipstick Libs? They want to do good, but they are addicted to attention. They want just a little more power so that they can change things for good. That and they need a certain lifestyle of shopping, But, power always corrupts. So you have Hillary starting to become a laughing stock in politics because she will say or do anything to gain just enough votes to maybe be president.

Yes, you K Streeters deserve each other. You've probably have downed quite a few with each other already. Please let us know how that drink turns out? Some day you will wake up to the fresh air of reality you live in a fake world.

K Street Foe

I'm all about having a drink with my K Street Buddy since I assume he/she will be paying!

K Street Buddy

Hey, this all per usual, though disgusting. Wise professionals wouldn't do it, but that does not describe the Davis Crowd and all its hangers-on.

So no party next year? Maybe K Street Foe and I could get together for a drink.


Are they really that stupid? No one's having any parties next year. They are about to slap a gift BAN on these jokers.

K Street Foe

FYI, Committee claims they'll have party again next year --

CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight
January 13, 2006

DOBBS: Tonight while Washington is suffering the beginnings of the fall out from a massive lobbying scandal, new details are emerging about a questionable office party attended by several members of Congress. The holiday party was paid for by several high-powered lobbying firms and government contractors. The guests of honor: none other than the members of the House Committee on Government Reform.

Christine Romans has the story.


CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Music by the band the Second Amendment, an open bar with hors d'oeuvres held in the Rayburn Congressional Office Building, it was the holiday party for the House Government Reform Committee, paid for by nine lobby firms and government contractors.

BETH DALEY, PROJECT ON GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT: It really shows that the line between government and money special interests is becoming more and more frayed.

ROMANS: The Project on Government Oversight criticizes the committee's chairman, Republican Tom Davis of Virginia, for allowing his reform committee to be too cozy with special interests.

The congressman's office said the party was widely attended by federal officials, staff and members from both sides of the aisle. And a spokesman called the party completely appropriate, and within House ethics rules, and accused the authors of the report of a partisan attack.

Quote, "If Tom Davis were to sneeze, they would accuse him of spreading bird flu."

Still, the Project on Government Oversight report lauds another Republican, Senator John Warner, also of Virginia. He pays for his Armed Services Committee holiday party himself.

And many committees, like the House International Relations Committee, require staffers and members pay their own way. House ethics rules allow $50 per congressman or staffer to be paid for by lobbyists or contractors.

DALEY: All of this is legal, but that doesn't make it right.

ROMANS: In fact, she says if all nine firms each paid $50 per partygoer, that was quite a party.

FRANK CLEMENTE, PUBLIC CITIZEN: That was a huge gift to the chairman of that committee and to the staff, and it's just inappropriate. Our public space shouldn't be used that way.

ROMANS: His group, Public Citizen, is calling for a complete ban on gifts and travel.


ROMANS: Most of the sponsors of this party did not return calls or would not comment, if they did. But UPS tells us they are proud to sponsor the party for such a large prestigious committee and they find it a nice way to ring in the new year.

A UPS spokesman didn't know how much that party cost but said they'd sponsor it against next year.

As for Chairman Tom Davis, his spokesman said they'd be happy to have lobbyists and contractors pay again next year, Lou. There's nothing wrong with that.

DOBBS: So generally what we're talking about, and just to be very clear, our interest in the story has nothing to do, frankly, with Davis, or whether it's Democrats or Republicans. It's the idea that something called the government, the committee on government reform would be in the midst of all of what is happening with lobbyists in Washington having a party paid for by sponsors.

But what I find interesting, Christine, as you sum it up, this committee apparently assumed somebody should be paying for it other than themselves?

ROMANS: John Warner over at the Senate, he pays for his own party. A lot of staffers are starting to pay for their own parties, as well. This committee wants to stick with the lobbyists and the contractors at this point.

DOBBS: Maybe the Senate Intelligence Committee should have the CIA pay for its. Maybe -- you know, the -- I don't know. It just goes on and on. The International Relations Committee, maybe they could have Russia kick in, maybe a little from China?

ROMANS: There you go.

DOBBS: Let's hope they're not, but, anyway.

Thank you very much, Christine.

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