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Dec 02, 2005


David H. Marshall


In 2007 now continued by the 2006 established Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)?[7] Under the "NATIONAL SECURITY MISSIONS" of BARDA continued in 2007 is the advancement of the SHAD R&D lessons learned? BARDA also lacks the MILITARY Shipboard Hazard and Defense (SHAD) oversight and accountability for their CIVILIAN biological contamination. One of the starting in 1962 DOD Project 112 chemical and biological experiments.[3] BARDA too, as most conducted on "hundreds of thousands", will be under the cover of our nation's wars.

The 1950 U.S. Supreme Court Feres decision stopped claims against the federal government for injuries arising from or incident to military service.[1] Documented by the 1994 U.S. Senate Report over the same time period is a from 1944 study.[6] This is their, under the cover of our nations wars, 50 years of conducted on "hundreds of thousands" Department Of Defense (DOD) "experiments that were designed to harm"! Its NOTES (No.'s 72, 168 & 169) cite, "The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code, Human Rights in Human Experimentation". Not addressed is their own Report's many conducted in direct disobedience of the DOD Secretary's 1953 order; "The Nazi Doctors" pages 343-345.[2] The 1987 U.S. SUPREME COURT in the 1958 order disobeyed STANLEY Case makes very clear that UNLESS CONGRESS CHANGES IT, BY REASON OF MILITARY SERVICE AFTERWARDS VETERAN'S LOST ARE PRIOR TO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.[4] The Report noted that rights be restored. To-date not done!! All for the greater good, end justifies the means! The excuse for an in 2007 from 1944 ongoing 63 years of JUSTICE AND TREATMENT DENIED for "hundreds of thousands"![6]

These DOD human experiments demonstrate Research and Development (R&D) protocol by both military and BARDA agencies. First, all prior R&D is reviewed. The resulting Scope of Work defines what each research program is to accomplish. The where, how, when and who is involved is spelled out. Each "designed to harm" project's cause and effects are closely followed and recorded. Developed is the specific needed treatment and from "harm" protection. This crucial human "experiments...designed to harm" revealing evidence is not part of a subject's medical history. Therefore, unavailable for an ongoing 63 years of past, present and future victim's diagnosis and treatment by: 1. Health Maintenance Organization Physicians'. 2. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Physicians'. And 3. For use during any VA and Judicial Branch processes! The 12 July 1973 National Personnel Records Center fire destroyed "designed to harm" military service records. Congress's 1974 Privacy Act censored the names of all witnesses from surviving and future records. "The court may not review the schedule of ratings for disabilities or the policies underlying the schedule." The Chief Judge's statement during 17 & 18 Oct. 1994.[5] Which is the "schedule" withheld R&D evidence and the underlying "experiments...designed to harm" policies? His severely restricted 12/18/88 established ‘no teeth' Veterans Court is Congress's oversight and accountability response to the 6/25/87 STANLEY.


In 2007 is the H. R. 4259 "To establish the Veterans' Right to Know Commission." [8] A proposal to study the DOD's SHAD lack of oversight and "Right to Know" "designed to harm" accountability?

Requested is your support by contacting your members in the U.S. Congress. Please have them return to Veterans' their Constitutional Rights with oversight and "designed to harm" accountability for everyone! Thank you.


[1] Feres v. United States, 340 U.S. 135, 146 (1950)

[2] DOD Secretary's 26 February 1953 NO non-consensual, human experiments Memo pages 343-345. George J. Annas and Michael A. Grodin, "The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code; Human Rights in Human Experimentation" (New York: Oxford University Press, 1992). In REFERENCE 6 as NOTES 72, 168 & 169.

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[7] Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), Bill S. 3678 2006.

[8] H. R. 4259 "To establish the Veterans' Right to Know Commission."

noel maddox

Is it too late to stop this legislation?

If not too late- who do we need to email or fax ?


If you do a little spelunking, you will find that Homeland Security was originally planned during the CLINTON administration. The wheels were set in motion some time ago.


Am I nieve? Google "conplan 0400", or if you're lazy and unable to comprehend government syntax, google "granite shadow." There is an extremely interesting bit in this "military drill to enact marshal law" about how our wonderful military could set up quarantine sectors wherever it was deemed necassary. Marshal law is utterly unconstitutional, and the fact that our own government would blatantly plan, and in plain sight practice something so bold shows you it cannot be given any more power. This is not a bit surprising based on other legislation recently passed and unreviewed. BARDA is a means for this. Have you no critical thinking skills? We tested agent orange on US soil... one of the most toxic PCB's ever created, and of course ingested by you daily, based on the principles of bio-accumulation. Maybe they don't check aunt Martha's phone conversations. What if aunt Martha's neighbor's phone is tapped. Instead of having to wade through those pesky 4th through 8th ammendmants, perhaps BARDA could "research" (unleash) a virus on aunt Martha's city to get rid of a maybe-sort-of-kind-of-threat. (Those damn American citizens and there rights. If it were another country the spooks could have caught it.) Call me crazy, but when an FBI agent likens guantanamo bay to a concentration camp, it's time to check and balance. This all may sound a bit extreme, but just remember; The CIA trained the terrorists you are so afraid of. Now do some research and figure out which man responsible for Bin Laden was appointed to a cushy homeland (doesn't "homeland" remind you of "fatherland?" wierd. Well considering bush's grand fathers helped found the Union Banking Company which helped to launder Nazi moneys... no that's just about right. Anyway, I digress.) security job. I leave you with some drunken words that helped to catylize the birth of a nation. "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death."

Robert Hardy

Are you nieve enough to assume while we are at war, there is no need for our government to be able to check on people without the normal checks and balances.
I believe they are not going to check your aunt Marthas' phone conversations as against possible terrorists.
We need this ability to fight terrorism.

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