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Nov 04, 2005



Thank you for you work! Good Luck.J

K Street Buddy


I tend to agree with your point of view on this.

However, inescapably in this and other POGO positions, there seems to be a longing for companies to all bow to the government on-high, whatever the season or reason.

We are not yet a socialist country, and if we were, we'd have few successful companies to deal with.

What is easier to treat is the perenially incompetent management of the vaccine issue by DHHS, including the FDA and CDC. Spend some time on their activities, and you get closer to who-shot-John, as well as some better understanding of what motivates industry and at the same time is in the public interest.

You at POGO would be surprised about how much overlap and convergence there is there--but you seem to blind yourselves from seeing it.

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