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Nov 09, 2005



Coverup Slip???

Title: Congresswoman: Three Al Qaeda Caught in U.S After Crossing Border With Mexico
Source: TOS
URL Source: http://myrick.house.gov/hot_topics_immigration_trueidaudio.shtml
Published: Nov 9, 2005

Rep. Sue Myrick (R-N.C.) let slip a bombshell disclosure at a news conference today to announce a bill targeting states that allow illegal aliens to get drivers licenses.

During the Q&A with reporters, Myrick gave as a reason for proposing the bill the recent capture of three al Qaeda terrorists at the U.S.-Mexico border.

A check of Google News turned up no references to this incident, yet Myrick stated this was a 'given fact.'

No reporter asked her about this revelation, but it was noted at the end of a Charlotte Observer article by Tim Funk.

Two Representatives from North Carolina, Virginia Foxx (R) and Patrick McHenry (R) stood with Myrick at the press conference. Neither commented on her matter of fact statement.

Rep. Myrick's remarks can be heard online at her Congressional Website here. the statement is made at about 8:45 into the press conference.

A call placed to Myrick's office in D.C. was not answered as the office is closed for the evening.


"Our main concern is, who's in our state? I mean this is a critical issue today. I mean they just arrested down on the border, what a couple of weeks ago, three al Qaeda members who came across from Mexico into the United States. I mean that's a given fact. They were holding them in the jail down there."

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