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Nov 22, 2005


Paddy Wagon

You never know what you are going to get when you follow Moon's intel network. It's extensive, very extensive and the fact that Moon brags he took Gertz, his loyal follower, and made him what he is, even though he only went to high school, says a lot. Moon and his followers only have one goal, have the world follow Moon's lead.

Moon recently told a group this:

I am the founder of [the] Washington Times. I can get all the secrets and details of your life if I want.

Don't know if the audio has been scrubbed but I heard it also, you can find the rundown on that quote here:

Go Here: http://tinyurl.com/87ldk
and you will find the top USA Moon "preacher", Michael Jenkins, saying this at about 8:30:

Thank God for Bill Gertz. We don't know where we would stand as a nation without him. But he also knows that didn't just come from his hard work. It came from True Parents.

Read some of how Moon brags about using the Washington Times to "influence" our nation here.

The bottom post has just a little on who was in charge of the tipping point in our nation's decision to fund Star Wars years ago.

Bombs, subs, wars, nukes, treason, lies, NMD, terrorism...We have a huge national security problem in this nation/world, but none of those are it.


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