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Nov 02, 2005


Lewis Medfield

"Pristine financial support"!!! Last time I checked those tabloids make lots of money for certain. The POGO should be looking at all these scandals and what nots. Somnebody has got to.

C. Malloy

It is not a smear I don' think. They are just saying that this guy is getting looked at. We know Abramoff suckered the tribes out of all that money, so assuming he is innocent of any crime, we still know he is a crooked fellow.

K Street Buddy

You have a way of gleefully convicting people or smearing them before they have had their day in court.

This really detracts from the service you sometimes render.

Don't you think you would garner more of a following, even more pristine financial support, if you didn't sound like a trashy tabloid at the supermarket? Give it some thought.

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