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Oct 21, 2005


K Street Buddy

You know, the thoughtful research and good works of Pogo are sometimes diminished when you go nuclear and make sweeping generalizations. I agree completely that the revolving door surely causes problems. Druyun's case was flagrant and extreme, but there are subtle problems that probably affect many other former officials. But this is only a small minority. No greater fraction than the bad apples in the government, I would guess.

How do you think the system would work if you said former military and civilian employees could not be employed by companies selling to their former employers, or even the whole government? Well, you'd find a lot of them employed as consultants to those suppliers, but the consultants could be banned, too.

If the employees not yet retired are demoralized, you have to ask yourself why. It is just $$ envy. If they think their former colleagues working in industry or corrupt or incompetent, what do you think the commonly held view of government acquisition people are in some circles?

And do you think the often idiotic, impenetrable, bad-for-the-taxpayer RFPs and contracts issued by the government can be readily understood by many people who have not been in the government, you are mistaken. We need some former employees in industry just to serve as interpreters.

But you imply that all those who work in industry are somehow dishonorable, unethical, and corrupt. Get your facts straight. And take the time to look in the mirror. Finally, keep up the good work.

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