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Oct 07, 2005


Steven V. Schofer

Israeli Intelligence Report

Memorandum to:

A United States of America Military Forces Commander in Chief Descriptive Encycled in Star Based Internal Command

09 November 2,005 By and by U O us $36,000x 15yr.Comptrollers #1202 874-4900

Steven V. Schofer (coded)
Steven V. Schofer reporting as duly tried to save a question a people Sir. Sir.:

For about up waywardly off 15 years I’ve been a chief and primary telepath for Rockwell-Lockheed-Dug way too Dream Landers skins cycles, and in so being it displeases me to articulate the installation commanders and sentry’s I provide air assault footage, have been walking to and forwardly inside a circus and circle of ambiguous purposeless perspective to the nuclear disarmament objective which all do deceive my global telepathic transmitter for their own selfish aimless wonders of how it all will be done there as a sin.

In furtherance to the act and fact I’ve been working for a black project for the health and safety record of altercations not to side, I haven’t been getting paid and Navy Intelligence Quarter Mr. Comptroller assassins, owe us at least back pay at 36 thousand a year, in furtherance like I’m echoing up, I’ve been carefully selected by star fleets (insinuating all human sub-specimens Contac tees), to address, advise, and call attention to and give command concerning the contemporaneous nuclear disarmament question that which not one theater has an answer to a seated so sold let it ride in fact.

Imagine this senior telepath for Naval Weapons insulters from Seal Beach area, threw me to the ground and pulled at least 20 guns on me because they’ll lied they never knew a thing is not the way to address advise the condition of Mutual Assured Destruction which will be sudden and extremely sad to say barbaric, and rest assured so long as we do side never again perpetual beating hearts will never come to discern ever again for a reminder of the consequences associated with an aftermath of basic SAM missile nor kamikaze crash one into a couple of ours again files, would be according to my undertaker as deadly and promising a reward as the biggest largest multi-megaton explosive device ever tested in the atolls or everywhere combined circus acts are amusing fighters.

Though the Party’s stood on a stage and said I to an O’s given and understood to be insulted the subject matter of differing thermo yields and fissionable frequency associated with delivery means and propellants is all that so here enthralled with disdain and disaster comptroller’s disobey star elders talking in their ears right now for horror when are the terms of pertinence when deciding all 525 nuclear reactors must be made unearthen and disappeared by Franz Harary and stereo types or find out which we’re doing rightly who’s really has come to inherit the planet’s ingested wrongfully I say it though sepulcher item cedar sizer’s as follows:


The Largest Nuclear Weapons
Reliable Sources 19 June 2005

Seat also Multi-megaton Weapons:
The largest nuclear weapons.

• High-yield thermonuclear weapons: overview
• United States:
o U.S. nuclear warheads with yield over
4.5 megatons (table)
o The largest U.S. nuclear weapon
o The first U.S. high-yield nuclear weapons
o Mass produced multi-megaton weapons
o The Titan II heavy ICBM
o The Spartan ABM
o The last U.S. high-yield nuclear weapon
• USSR/Russia:
o Soviet/Russian nuclear warheads with yield
over 4.5 megatons (table)
o The largest Soviet nuclear weapons
o The R-9 and R-16 ICBMs
o The R-36 heavy ICBM
o The R-36M, R-36MUTTKh, and R-36M2 heavy ICBMs
o The RS-16 and RS-18 ICBMs
• The largest PRC nuclear weapon

1. High-yield thermonuclear weapons: Notice of intention to disband and assimilate to non-proliferation a specification table, enclosed Sirs, Sir.

2. Proceeding from the pretenses that combinative competitive thermonuclear assimilation would only amount to counterpoint treachery; The United States China especially, and the Soviet Union, after independently developing thermonuclear weapons, all side= produced some numbers of such weapons of very high yield. While most thermonuclear weapons built had yields in the range of several hundred kilotons to up wayward to off on = 60 + megatons,
weapons were built.

Weapons with yields up to 20-50 megatons were developed and deployed (one Soviet weapon of 150 mt was developed likely operational). Of the roughly some say 250,000 warheads ever built by the superpowers, about 3% had yields over 4.5 megatons therefore.

3. The Party’s’ to a status quo agreed to settle their differences on one another’s breaches oh come all ye faithful to comply indecisive what remains to be seated in and though the United States said to have built the greater number of multi-megaton weapons, doing so in the late 1950s and 1960s mostly to equip its bomber force with a massive nuclear capability against who would argue it’s point of views then again the France Switz, Lebanon Russian adjectives improverbo, and many more a scoundrel to a service abet mentors adaptation.

The U.S. largely abandoned such said weapons in favor of smaller nuclear weapons, allowing more flexible delivery of larger numbers of warheads. Most of the Chinese-Soviet France too has it to give for Nostra Damas strategic nuclear capability all that in its ICBMs, but like the U.S. the Soviets deployed high-yield weapons before mostly shifting to smaller, multiple warheads.

Annex of Terminal Attributions
Treaty Nuclear disarmament; Peace, International
Treaty Deposition Criterion; Agenda; The Article's
of Genetic Disclosure, Discovery and Appeal;
Descriptive Encode In Star Based Internal Command;
inter alias DESBIC AGENDA DONE IN HB USA 92649

Weapons of Attack Terms, and Terminology's

1.The listing includes all types of nuclear warheads deployed, built, deployed, cancelled, currently proposed, or presumed/suspected.

2. Relatively complete information is as stated so;

3. For the US; UK, France, South Africa, Sweden there as with not the side a search now for argument to proliferate they you m bring watch what I’ll deed when I catch up to you farmers suck ones siders ray gunner folders; is considered that for an assertion retailer assimilation of the aspect to ratio with regard for variant comperability when the undertaking of mutual qualitative disarmament when being disregarded now wisely to be sought Sirs Sir.

4. Comperable specifics are to be recognized by the terms provided for hereto; especially that of notwithstanding the Russia or East Eurasia (which inherited a principle of the Soviet nuclear arsenals); and the PRChina.

5. It shall be the duty of the Secretary General's to transpose the extensions and specific variations for other countries, therehere in that classification be much considered as applicable when ready to deceive as if to side disagreed to disagree we all died here when Sir.

6 Explanation of terms

Weapon name: designation and/or name assigned by respective country Warhead designation (for US, UK, and France): designation for nuclear warhead Western designation (for all other countries): U.S. and NATO designations-

Weapon type:
• AAM - air-to-air missile
• ABM - anti-ballistic missile
• ADM - atomic demolition munitions
• AFAP - artillery-fired atomic projectile
• ALBM - air-launched ballistic missile
(range over 1000 km)
• ALCM - air-launched cruise missile (range over 1000 km)
• ASAT - anti-satellite weapon
• ASCM - anti-ship cruise missile
• ASM - air-to-surface missile (range under 1000 km)
• ASW - anti-submarine weapon
• ATBM - anti-tactical ballistic missile
• DEW - directed energy weapon
• FOBS - fractional orbit bombardment system
• GLCM - ground-launched cruise missile
(range between 1000 km and 5500 km)
• ICBM - intercontinental ballistic missile
(range over 5500 km)
• ICCM - intercontinental cruise missile
(range over 5500 km)
• IRBM - intermediate-range ballistic missile
(range between 1000 km and 2500 km)
• MICBM- mobile intercontinental ballistic missile
• MRBM - medium-range ballistic missile
(range between 2500 km and 5500 km)
• NDB - nuclear depth bomb
• NGB - nuclear gravity bomb
• SAM - surface-to-air missile
• SLBM - submarine-launched ballistic missile
• SLCM - submarine-launched cruise missile
(range over 1000 km)
• SRBM - short-range ballistic missile
(range under 1000 km)

7. Stock entry: date when first warheads entered nuclear stockpile IOC: initial operational capability, or date of first alert capability-off alert: date when alert capability ended Retire stock: date when last warheads dismantled

8.WH type: type of nuclear device:

• BF - boosted fission
• ER - enhanced radiation
• FI - implosion, unspecified fission
• GA - gun assembly, uranium fission
• IC - implosion, fission, composite core
• IM - implosion, fission, various cores
• IP - implosion, plutonium fission
• IU - implosion, uranium fission
• LC - "Sloika" thermonuclear
• LI - linear implosion, plutonium
• PG - gun assembly, plutonium fission
• TC - multi-stage thermonuclear, clean (
• TD - multi-stage thermonuclear, dirty (>65% fission)
• TN - multi-stage thermonuclear
• TS - multi-stage thermonuclear, standard (25%-65% fission)

9. No. built: total number of warheads built

10. Yield: explosive yield in kilotons (kt) or megatons (mt), with notes as follows:

• DV - different versions (warhead stocks include separate versions with different yields)

• S - selectable yield (individual warhead yield may be selected from several options)

• SC - separate cores (individual warhead yield determined by which of several interchangeable fissile cores is used)

• V - variable yield (individual warhead yield may be set within a continuously variable range)

• MRVs, MIRVs, or MARVs - multiple reentry vehicles, multiple independently-targetable reentry vehicles, and maneuverable reentry vehicles, respectively (figures indicate warhead loading per missile)

11. The above accounts and description of the Annex of Terminal Attribution, pursuant to the classifications ascribed of in Chapter's 6 of this Provision, shall be subject to the limitations provided for under this Treaty and considered an integral priority undertaking on the elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction to be phased out, decommissioned and destroyed, as an display of civil obedience therewith our star elder presences instilled.

Having zeroed in on the most lethal and the frequency calibrations of specialized enzyme protagonists jersey’s -it’s not an average day that passes by that we don’t try to hold a higher mass, a stronger flag means: more financial resolve needs to be seen and not made for hires lone gun have at in the aspects to ratio’s decidedly to therewhen is the principle of non-proliferation assimilations initiative comptroller John Dugan’s the name of the court I attended just to be fair so win again can’t believe in the flight of forgetting storms in the faces of distorted admissions: no nukes is good nukes so to say when and why .
To be continued next DESBIC Time, next DESBIC places seek the http://understandwordlove.blogspot.com side. Thank You Steven; Thank You Steven Let’s have a nice deserving hand for that telepath- you say you will affirmative; thou hast not gotten my situation corrected though the sentence always came nonsense wrongfully applied so that french fries wages of skullduggery at ease over.

DESBIC Protocols 1- 6


Steven V. Schofer

Until nuclear plutonium reminders of a degenerate in sheeply clothiers, cease to exist- there is no sure way to breed a heard of follow the enzymes to extinction timetables, Having say so with an emphasis on enzyme ingested wrongfully and either before such a sin or shortly therefrom a sepulcher, cadaver as though to cite murderer, (murder) highness es lead the weak to believe in their life of lies Sirs.

They are easily ones said friend; by that I mean He who supported it when I came to save must go down to the death in accusatory apt ed to nay say is why we have isotopic endocronologic degenerates and nuclear weapons for why we make love psych.

Therefore all must transpire within 70 years more or less because all sided against the word of wafer and his images nobody sought


All said never saw a thing happen, when orders were given in these and the previous times of the Lord in carnal flesh reminders of the sentence always came; so what's your price?

Posted by Steven V. Schofer the Jewish Messiah all lied to for wars anyhow The End

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